Monday, September 3, 2018

Another Meet-Up!

Would you look at that, here I am, yet at another meet-up!  This one was in Montréal, downtown, at the Cafeteria of the Bay, on the 7th floor.   I came with Postman Pat and his cat, of course.

They had a good turn out, and many cards were signed, check out the pile...

Friday, August 3, 2018

On the road for Postcrossing... again!

This time, we are heading to Canada, as she said! We took the train and headed towards Toronto.

She had a Postcrossing meet-up in Ingersoll, ON so instead of driving (by herself) she went VIA.

It was a pleasant ride, really.  Got to look at the scenery, enjoyed a good meal and mostly do nothing but be driven!

This was a big meet-up, over 2,500 cards were signed that day!  It was a good one to attend as the two founders of Postcrossing came all the way from Portugal.  We got a chance to meet them.

I will say this, though, it was a mighty long way to go to sign some cards, that's all I have to say!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Back to Norway!

Hilsen, as they say in Norway!  Imagine my surprise when I got packed up and heading back to Arctic Norway!  This time around it was for a short visit, but I did manage to visit or re-visit some of the good spots we had found three years ago!

We made our way back to that area with the nice lake, not too far from Bodø.  This time I managed to find a tree my size!

Stinkypaw completed this Inukshuk, just perfect for me!  A nice way to end our little excursion around Bodø.

Of course, Stinkypaw went postal, again!  Think about it, the lady at the library where she bought most of her cards, remembered her from three years ago!  Same thing for the girl at the bakery!  You know you've been often when...

This time, she almost managed to wrangle herself a mini meet-up with a Postcrossing member in Bodø!  That member actually sent Stinkypaw an official card last year, and when she found out she was going back, she contacted that member and asked if they could meet.  And they did.  We ended up for a bite to eat at "Mon Ami" a French restaurant, wrote a few cards, and talked lots.  That member was a timid but nice gal.  We'll see if they keep in touch...

Everyday we were in Bodø Stinkypaw shopped for cards, she wrote cards daily and even tried that new feature on Postcrossing called "Travel Mode" which gives you an ID code from the country you're visiting.  She was all happy to be in a "rare" country, and she actually sent forty official cards in the two weeks we were there. 

Enjoying a moka from the bakery, in the same little apartment we had three years before!  She actually left a few days prior to her husband to go to Oslo and attend a meet-up there.  She was really looking forward to it, and it was fun!  I got to see that lady we had met our last visit in Oslo, she's holding me next to the pile of cards signed that day, a few hundreds.  They were 10 women attending, a nice group of ladies.

After all those cards, we took a walk in the port and went for some isk, we walked a bunch, but it was good... so I'm told!

On the way back, since Stinkypaw was alone, she decided to take some shots along the way... as we walk by the City Hall - a weird square shaped building, with an important role in the history of Oslo/Norway...

In the park along the main street, heading towards our hotel...  One of the nice fountains...

It was actually VERY hot in Oslo at the time.  The morning we left Bodø it was 9 degrees, after a plane ride of 1.5 hours we arrived in Oslo to 30 degrees.  We went from winter to summer!  She even had to buy herself a pair of shorts, it was so hot!

This statue was also along the way to our hotel, on the street (as it was three years ago too), one of many pieces of art we can find walking in Oslo, it's actually pretty nice to see all those big pieces just there on the streets for everyone to enjoy as they walk by!

One of the souvenir that was brought back, was this Norwegian duckie... my new pal!

On our last day, we enjoyed a cold drink on a terrasse and a bite to eat.  The eat was a bit much, but the water was cold and the company was good, so a good way to close this visit back to Norway.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Escaping Winter and Christmas Time All Together...

This year, Stinkypaw and her husband decided to escape for Christmas AND New Year and took me along for this ride! We ended up across the world in beautiful Hawai'i. Stinkypaw loves it there and she didn't want to go just for one week, so they manage to go for two beautiful weeks.

Here I am at the Honolulu airport waiting for our connecting flight to the Big Island.  They had just enough time for her to enjoy her (first) Mai Tai and him a Long Board.
I also made friends with these two!

As we were about to land in Kona, the flight attendant gave us all a treat, some deeeelicious chocolate covered Mac nuts.
My new friends wanted in on that treat!
Right after I enjoyed my yummy chocolate, I noticed the beautiful view on the Big Island, it is quite dry looking on that side of the island... Look at those waters, so blue!!

Since this was their # visit on the Big Island, these two knew their way around, so they went for groceries for the week, hit a place to eat for dinner and even booked themselves a Christmas Eve dinner! Our first morning came by, full of sun and oh so fragrant! It smells so nice and the birds chirping constantly, unreal! When they got back from their morning walk, Stinkypaw gave me this beautiful plumeria, so pretty, don't you think?


We've been gallivanting around the island. She always bring me with them, but depending where they go, sometimes I just stay chill in the car.

We made a pit stop along the way, where you could see many old lava trails left from the 1800 eruption, and how nature is slowly growing back among it all.  It is pretty fascinating when you think of it.
Hubby holding me down
Hubby had to hold me down it was sooo windy there!  I actually flew off when Stinkypaw took that first shot. It was somewhat scary if you ask me!

We ended up at the Black Sand Beach, that was so cool! Well, not really! The sand was VERY hot, but seeing all that black sand was cool!

 Plus we were lucky enough to see some sea turtles just enjoying the warm sand, quite the sight! Check it out!

The Big Island was, as usual (I'm told!), the calm and relaxing place it is.  It's not Kauai, but a close second!  We had a great week, visiting some, beaching most days, and did I mention doing sweet nothing but enjoying it all?

We flew back to Oahu, for our last week, and I actually got leid when we checked in!

Don't I look just like the perfect little tourist!  This is the view from our little lanai, in Waikiki, right by the marina, our new home for a week.  I'm told here it will be a very different vibe, as for one, they have friends they want to catch up with.  It is not quite the same as the Big Island, but as far as I know, it's still hot and I like it!

Today they actually meet up with a friend of theirs, from Australia, who is also in Waikiki, staying at the hotel next door from us! Talk about a coincidence! This is me posing as we're heading out to meet with this dude from Down Under for a bite to eat...  That Marina you see, is where they filmed the opening sequence in Gilligan's Island, remember that old show (way before my time!) from the 70s?

They met up with this crazy Aussie then went for a drink, or two, and I have a feeling that dude thought I was a weird little thing... but Stinkypaw stood by me!

Despite having a great time, and enjoying every little moments we could, it is time to think of heading home...

Yeah, so these two don't really travel light! I have prime sitting in her travel bag, and for that I am thankful!  On our way to the airport we stopped for a bite to eat at a local diner with their good friend.  She Hawaiian (born and raised) and she's like ohana to them.

Stinkypaw might look happy there, but deep down she was crying...hard.  She will miss her friend and that heat...

Here I am poking my head out for a breath during our long flight home.  Man oh man!  It is a beautiful place, but man it's far!

Over twelve hours in a flying banana isn't really my idea of a fun time, but it was a smooth flight.  Usually they try to cut their flight time in half by making they way to the West coast first which is about half way.  This time, because they were flying on points, they couldn't do that.  On the way there we had a short flight and then a long one, but coming back it was the opposite, so here I am trying to stay awake for the last leg of this journey home...

I don't look too back considering being stuffed in a bag for more than 9 hours! This is a little montage she did from the view we had upon our departure and the one we got upon arrival.  Quite a different scenery, wouldn't you say?

Aloha oe! I will see you again, it's a promise...

Monday, October 23, 2017

Not much travels this year...

This year hasn't really been a year of many travels... I did attend a Postcrossing meet up here and there, along with Stinkypaw, but other than that, it's been a quiet year for me this far...

July 8, in Ottawa during a Meet Up, with a fellow Postcrosser...

It's always funny to see how some people react to my presence, and yet, some can't help themselves and want a picture with me!

We were in Canada, on July 8th, 2017!

In August, we (Stinkypaw and I) made our way to Québec City to meet up with another fellow Postcrosser, this time from Calgary, AB visiting Québec city for a week.  Stinkypaw decided to make the drive and use the occasion to spend some time with a cousin of hers.

Co-Pilot, heading for Québec City

A local Postcrosser welcomed us in her home so they did a mini-meet up, all three of them.

August 17, 2017 in QC City
Other than that, I'm relaxing for our next trip, coming up in 61 days exactly!  Now that will be a long and fun trip!  Can't wait!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Local excursion up North...

Last time I reported any travel was our trip to Dominican Republic.  This time I made my way up North, about one and a half hour from home, to Hubby's cousin cottage.

Stinkypaw and Hubby were asked if they would babysit cousin's kids.  They have three of them, age eleven and eight for the twins.  They had hoped for clement weather so that we could do a snowshoe outing, but lucky as they are, it rained all week prior to our drive and with very clement weather so lots of the white stuff melted... They hoped it would not be the case up North.  No such luck.

The scheduled Saturday,  we ended up with the three kids in our car following cousin and his wife on what started as a beautiful sunny day. Within twenty minutes or so on the highway it quickly turned to foggy, gray and misty.  By the time we got to the cottage there was lightening, thunder and pouring rain.  The drive over went well, especially since the three trolls fell asleep rather fast and slept the whole way.

OK, I admit it, I slept too!
They're good kids.  They played games, with Hubby and Stinkypaw and by themselves, and they even did a talent show.  The rain turned to snow during the night, and it got cold.

As usual, being the friendly beaver that I am, I made a new friend... a little Greek sheep, she was so purdy!

The next morning it was so friggin' cold!  The car was frozen solid.  All the rain of the day before froze in the doors, and all over the car.  It took forever for it to get warm.  There's nothing worst, really than to sit in a frozen car.

 I will say this though, the view from the cottage is very nice.

 I'm sure it must be gorgeous on a nice summer day, with the lake and all, but in the dead of Winter?

 Nice and all, but man it was cold!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sanctuary at Cap Cana in Dominican Republic

Time for me to report on my last trip.  This one wasn't local, but the somewhere warm in order to celebrate Stinkypaw's 50th birthday!

Here I am, sitting and waiting for breakfast at the airport, after the check in and security check, we made our way to a restaurant, since we were at the airport early for a morning flight.

What we didn't know nor expected, was that there would be a problem with one of the engine of the plane we were on.  So after pushing off at the gate, we came right back with the captain informing us that because one engine was broken, we had to change plane.

We had to wait six hours, yes, you read correctly, six long hours sitting at the Dorval airport just waiting for another plane to arrive to take us away.  Naturally, we ended up at a bar, since we were traveling with He.  There is a nice wine bar and tried to remained low profile since I'm not sure I'm legal just yet...

After the long hours of waiting, we did make it on a plane and flew away.  We arrived late, and let's just say I was happy to crash on this big bed!

The first few days after our arrival in Dominican Republic, it rained.  Daily.  It rained, not just a few showers here and there throughout the day, but non stop.  I mainly stayed in our room, while they went to the spa, and walked around the property and enjoyed themselves despite the weather.

The third day the sun peaked out for a while, and Stinkypaw and He went to the beach for a while, in between showers.  That morning Stinkypaw brought me along.  People were looking at me and smiling.  What can I say, I have that effect on people!  Here I am, on our way to the breakfast buffet.  You can see the clouds, and it was quite windy too.

The following day, on Stinkypaw's birthday, the sun was out for most of the day.  I spent the day with them, by the pool and spent some time on the beach.

Behind me, you can see the very busy pool bar.  They made some good drinks, and Stinkypaw particularly liked their Dirty Monkey, which had rum (of course!), chocolate and half a banana.
It was like a smoothie but with some booze.

When we made our way to the beach I had to pose on this sand turtle.  The beach was nice, but set more in an alcove, so not that long nor did we get to take those long walks on the beach...

At one end of the beach there were rocks, separating the property from the next one. A nice place to sit and be hit by the waves...

After that walk, I just had to rest a little and try to even out my tan, so I crash on a lounge chair by the pool...

I felt somewhat restless, since I had heard Stinkypaw's plan of what she wanted to do after lunch, so I couldn't stay down for too long.  I didn't want to miss out anything!

Who said you had to be a kid to play in the sand?  Certainly not Stinkypaw!  Here's the end result of her labor, with the help of a lady they've met earlier during the week.  It took them a little while to build this.  Stinkypaw was pretty proud of it all.

Of course I had to strike a pose!

When we got back to the room, before dinner, Stinkypaw was pleasantly surprised by the concierge, Emilio, who was leaving her a cute rose petals mesage on the bed, that I had to be part of!

On our last full day in Cap Cana, it was a beautiful sunny day.  We walked around a bit, and here I am posing from the Castle towards the beach.


We relaxed and enjoyed our last full day under the sun.  We had a nice lunch, right by the beach, what better way to enjoy the view, the breeze and our last moments at the Sanctuary.

Here I am, in the little pagoda that you see in the previous picture.  They used that place for weddings.  The view from there wasn't too shabby...

Here I am, while Stinkypaw enjoyed her last Pina Colada, at the airport where it was sooo darn humid.  We got there a bit too early, and had to wait some... let's just say the airport in the Tropics is not what we are used to in North America... and the no AC thing is just sad, really.

And this about closes my travel report of my time at the Sanctuary at Cap Cana in Dominican Republic.  Until next trip!