Sunday, June 28, 2015

Eight Trip: Bodø

Our last Sunday in Bodø... Today I was introduced to fikka at the Bodø Bakeri.

After a bite to eat, which was deeeelicious, we walked to the Nordland Museum, on the way to the Post office,  The museum is actually one of the only house that survived the German raid during WWII, the rest of the town had burned down.

It wasn't a great museum, but one of the movie they showed of the history of Bodø was actually very interesting.  To think that the Germans took the town over riding on bicycles is so strange, and yet., history is proof... A nice way to close the loop on this Bodø adventure.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Seventh Trip: To a Glacier

We headed South (yep, the glacier is SOUTH of where we've been for the past thirteen weeks! crazy!). Part of the way we had been to, like Saltstraumen but then continued on in a direction we hadn't been towards yet.

Not long after Saltsraumen, we made a little stop, Stinkypaw wanted to feel the blue waters... it was way too cold for a dip or anything of the sort, just a little finger dip was enough...


The scenery along the way was breathtaking, to say the least... and the winding roads...

The scenery was beautiful, following the coast: fjords, the sea, forest and farms. We also saw many cyclists, a little buggy being pulled by a pony and a reindeer on our way back.

in Ørnes

Arctic Norway is beautiful, when it is sunny, that is!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sixth Trip: To France!!

I thought of doing yet another recap of my hop from Norway to France, for a Postcrossing Meet Up, but since Stinkypaw did a nice post about it on her blog, I thought of simply posting a link for you to read it and mostly see the pictures: Grenoble 2015

I flew Scandinavian Air...

Got stuck in a mail box, since unlike our mailboxes theirs had to holes: one for local mail and one for the world... I did try to get some back, but was afraid to end up in there as well...

From that moment on I've became Stinkypaw's Postcrossing Meet mascot, you have to admit I have quite the look for it all...

Postcard worthy!
While there, also visited the area (between Lyon and Grenoble) and spent the night at a Postcrossing member's place who had kindly offered to be our hostess. Her son, who feel in love with me, had given up his room and look what I found that night, waiting for me in bed... a little chocolate on my Sponge Bob pillow!

This is where we stayed.

And even there, I had to take a picture of those two holes mailboxes...

Early the next morning, we made our way to the Lyon airport and headed home to Norway... What a weekend that was!