Saturday, March 4, 2017

Local excursion up North...

Last time I reported any travel was our trip to Dominican Republic.  This time I made my way up North, about one and a half hour from home, to Hubby's cousin cottage.

Stinkypaw and Hubby were asked if they would babysit cousin's kids.  They have three of them, age eleven and eight for the twins.  They had hoped for clement weather so that we could do a snowshoe outing, but lucky as they are, it rained all week prior to our drive and with very clement weather so lots of the white stuff melted... They hoped it would not be the case up North.  No such luck.

The scheduled Saturday,  we ended up with the three kids in our car following cousin and his wife on what started as a beautiful sunny day. Within twenty minutes or so on the highway it quickly turned to foggy, gray and misty.  By the time we got to the cottage there was lightening, thunder and pouring rain.  The drive over went well, especially since the three trolls fell asleep rather fast and slept the whole way.

OK, I admit it, I slept too!
They're good kids.  They played games, with Hubby and Stinkypaw and by themselves, and they even did a talent show.  The rain turned to snow during the night, and it got cold.

As usual, being the friendly beaver that I am, I made a new friend... a little Greek sheep, she was so purdy!

The next morning it was so friggin' cold!  The car was frozen solid.  All the rain of the day before froze in the doors, and all over the car.  It took forever for it to get warm.  There's nothing worst, really than to sit in a frozen car.

 I will say this though, the view from the cottage is very nice.

 I'm sure it must be gorgeous on a nice summer day, with the lake and all, but in the dead of Winter?

 Nice and all, but man it was cold!