Sunday, April 26, 2015

Third Trip: Back North again

Today they drove back towards the mountains, because when the sky clears up the scenery looks so different.
Proof that things are getting warmer, slowly...

Look at this beautiful scenery, too bad it does not convey how friggin' windy it was that day!  She had put me down to take a landscape shot and I almost flew away, so she opted to take a selfie with me, since He was not getting out of the car...

Up in the mountains, they spotted one of the many, many water falls there was around there.  Granted everything was melting, but still, there were all sizes and types of water falls to be found.

By a little creek, with strong current which was also drinkable water, as many lakes, and rivers in that area...
He got out of the car on the way back, and after a walk in very damp woods managed to find these lovely flat rocks which made a nice water fall.  The sound of the rushing water was something else.

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