Saturday, April 9, 2016

Viva Las Vegas They Say

Look at me in Vegas, baby!  What a week, the weather has been sunny and hot, can't complain!

Even had time to catch some rays at the pool with Stinkypaw.

It was a fun filled week, for them mostly, but still a fun time away, before we do that big move.

Here I am getting ready to fly, again...

Since nobody wants me to get lost, I tend to hide in Stinkypaw's travel bag.  Since they had not really taken me sightseeing much, I made it for it all on the way to the airport.

The Mandalay Bay
The back side of the Famous Sign

After they returned the rental car, made our way to the terminal and had a bit of time to grab a coffee and do a little shopping...

A welcomed coffee since it was an early flight...

She did have enough time to grab a local souvenir, one more shinny thing for her.

You must admit I almost look exotic with it, no?  There were some issues at the gate, and had to wait some...

But eventually we made it on the plane!

And then the waiting begun.  We sat there for some time, and then were hit with a flash flood type of storm.  We couldn't even see the tip of the wing it was raining so hard.  We did make it Montréal, not a moment too soon.  What a day!

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