Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How I came about...

Since I've been on a few adventures, I've decided to start telling my stories.

This is me, Likki, the Trimmed Beaver, on the day I was given to Stinkypaw (my caregiver, parent, owner, friend, companion...) - you can read about Stinkypaw's version here.
Montréal, March 18th, 2015
Why was I given to her you ask?  Well, that's an interesting story.  A little quirky and oh so funny. You see the woman, Z, holding me in the above picture, she decided to offer me as a departing gift to Stinkypaw, following a running gag between them.  I must tell you why I was chosen among all stuffed animals available, and why I was named Likki.

Stinkypaw worked with Z, and often Z would end up mailing the invoices Stinkypaw had prepared during her visit at the office.  Z comes from an East European country and at times doesn't get the subtleties of  English.  The stamps used for local mailing, at the time, were cute little beavers.  One day Stinkypaw asked Z if she could stamped and mailed a bunch of envelopes for her, to which Z answered: Of course!  I love to lick beavers!  When she said that, Stinkypaw and a coworker looked at each others and cracked up.  They knew she didn't know the expression and decided to let it go.   One evening, when Z asked if there was any beaver for her to lick, Stinkypaw told her that she should not be saying that, to which Z said, but I like to lick the beavers!  When asked if she knew what she was saying, Z simply answered that she liked to put the stamps on the envelopes. Stinkypaw explained the innuendo, Z was shocked and quickly said: Oh God, no I don't like to lick beavers!

That became a running gag.  So when Stinkypaw announced that she was leaving the country for three months in Arctic Norway, Z prepared her a nice cake and offered me to her as a reminder of their gag.  Right then and there, I was name Likki.  Stinkypaw wanted a name that sounded Scandinavian.  Later on ''The Trimmed Beaver'' was added to keep with the historic of my birth if you will.  Z asked that I traveled with them to Norway, and I did and since I've kept going.

Bodø, March 29th, 2015
Home for three months
This is me in Stinkypaw's little apartment in Bodø, Arctic Norway, at the beginning of our travels together.  At first she felt a little embarrassed to dig me out of her bag, but now, not so much, every chance she gets I`m there!  I even became her mascot lately for her Postcrossing thing...

I will do "journal entries" per little trips I've taken... so enjoy!

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