Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rimouski By the Beach

This time my travels are local.  Stinkypaw is driving to Rimouski to attend yet another Postcrossing meet-up.  A little motel room was reserved and she drove all the way along with another Postcrossing member with whom she will share the room.

The drive was long and mostly rainy. There was a dinner planned for those who arrived on Friday like us, so we made it in time to drop off our luggage, refresh a little and make our way to meet people.

Saturday morning was bright and crisp, especially that close to the water.

View right in front of our room

View to the right of our room
View to the left of our room, with the nice lighthouse
Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse
The meet was scheduled to start at 9am, but for some reason it was delayed, and people arrived slowly.  It took longer than anticipated.  We even had lunch there!  By the time all the cards were signed, and things were wrapped up the sun was basically gone, and the weather slowly turned to a bit colder.

The end results of our labor!  Overall it was a food meet, but man oh man, the drive home was rainy all the way, so a loooong drive home.  We all made it back in one piece.

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