Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back in Town

Not only do I travel world wide, but I also travel within town too.  My last little trip was going back to our old stomping ground for a Postcrossing meet up.  Stinkypaw attended that meet and I, naturally, tagged along.

That day the weather was really bad, it was raining cats and dogs, really.  We ended up in a little restaurant in Old Montréal, jam packed, and to top it off, after being there for a few hours, we were asked to leave since people were waiting to get a table...  Things were packed and under pouring rain we made our way to a little coffee shop that welcomed us in Palais des Congrès.  Not our best meet, let's say.

Here I am with the results of the day.

276 cards signed that day
It is always pleasant to catch up some at a meet, but the more meets I witness the more I find it is not really about socializing but all about getting the cards signed. Oh well, what can I do, but witness it all, and look pretty?  And that I do very well, thank you very much!

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