Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sanctuary at Cap Cana in Dominican Republic

Time for me to report on my last trip.  This one wasn't local, but the somewhere warm in order to celebrate Stinkypaw's 50th birthday!

Here I am, sitting and waiting for breakfast at the airport, after the check in and security check, we made our way to a restaurant, since we were at the airport early for a morning flight.

What we didn't know nor expected, was that there would be a problem with one of the engine of the plane we were on.  So after pushing off at the gate, we came right back with the captain informing us that because one engine was broken, we had to change plane.

We had to wait six hours, yes, you read correctly, six long hours sitting at the Dorval airport just waiting for another plane to arrive to take us away.  Naturally, we ended up at a bar, since we were traveling with He.  There is a nice wine bar and tried to remained low profile since I'm not sure I'm legal just yet...

After the long hours of waiting, we did make it on a plane and flew away.  We arrived late, and let's just say I was happy to crash on this big bed!

The first few days after our arrival in Dominican Republic, it rained.  Daily.  It rained, not just a few showers here and there throughout the day, but non stop.  I mainly stayed in our room, while they went to the spa, and walked around the property and enjoyed themselves despite the weather.

The third day the sun peaked out for a while, and Stinkypaw and He went to the beach for a while, in between showers.  That morning Stinkypaw brought me along.  People were looking at me and smiling.  What can I say, I have that effect on people!  Here I am, on our way to the breakfast buffet.  You can see the clouds, and it was quite windy too.

The following day, on Stinkypaw's birthday, the sun was out for most of the day.  I spent the day with them, by the pool and spent some time on the beach.

Behind me, you can see the very busy pool bar.  They made some good drinks, and Stinkypaw particularly liked their Dirty Monkey, which had rum (of course!), chocolate and half a banana.
It was like a smoothie but with some booze.

When we made our way to the beach I had to pose on this sand turtle.  The beach was nice, but set more in an alcove, so not that long nor did we get to take those long walks on the beach...

At one end of the beach there were rocks, separating the property from the next one. A nice place to sit and be hit by the waves...

After that walk, I just had to rest a little and try to even out my tan, so I crash on a lounge chair by the pool...

I felt somewhat restless, since I had heard Stinkypaw's plan of what she wanted to do after lunch, so I couldn't stay down for too long.  I didn't want to miss out anything!

Who said you had to be a kid to play in the sand?  Certainly not Stinkypaw!  Here's the end result of her labor, with the help of a lady they've met earlier during the week.  It took them a little while to build this.  Stinkypaw was pretty proud of it all.

Of course I had to strike a pose!

When we got back to the room, before dinner, Stinkypaw was pleasantly surprised by the concierge, Emilio, who was leaving her a cute rose petals mesage on the bed, that I had to be part of!

On our last full day in Cap Cana, it was a beautiful sunny day.  We walked around a bit, and here I am posing from the Castle towards the beach.


We relaxed and enjoyed our last full day under the sun.  We had a nice lunch, right by the beach, what better way to enjoy the view, the breeze and our last moments at the Sanctuary.

Here I am, in the little pagoda that you see in the previous picture.  They used that place for weddings.  The view from there wasn't too shabby...

Here I am, while Stinkypaw enjoyed her last Pina Colada, at the airport where it was sooo darn humid.  We got there a bit too early, and had to wait some... let's just say the airport in the Tropics is not what we are used to in North America... and the no AC thing is just sad, really.

And this about closes my travel report of my time at the Sanctuary at Cap Cana in Dominican Republic.  Until next trip!

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